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Assalamualaikum.. HelloHi my dearest readers!! :D miss me?? really?? ;p i miss you guys too!!! :D ohh its been so long since i last update this dusty blog of mine.. heeee

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"Putri Ariani performing one of Adele songs: Don't You Remember. And singing a little part of ""Ayah"" from Ada Band. Share us in comments. INDONESIA'S GOT ...

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Rahmasari.Putri'S BloG

1. Bagaimana pendapat saudara tentang pernyataan kompetisi lambing ketamakan Jawab : Menurut saya etika dan integritas merupakan suatu keinginan yang murni dalam ...

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Ade Kumala Putri - Lala's Wonderland ♥

Hello everyone~ Sorry I could not update my blog too often lately, because I am quite busy to prepare the attributes for my college orientation next month duh!

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Putri Duyung | Konsumenikan's Blog

Putri Duyung dilegendakan sebagai manusia yang berwujud setengah manusia dan setengah ikan. Anehnya hampir tidak pernah diceritakan tentang Putra Duyung ...

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afternoon tea and living room - blogspot.com

People always said, New York is The city that never sleeps. Between day and night, on the street or even inside the tall buildings the...

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Eka Putri Rahayu's Blog | a part of my life

Update blog kali ini mengenai Liburan saya ke seberang pulau ,alias Kalimantan. :) Rencananya, saya & suami berencana mau idul adha bareng di Kalimantan tepatnya ...

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Irin Putri & Son - blogspot.com

On the second day at the hospital, Razeen's bilirubin level was at borderline. The doctor's advise was to put him under the light. Thus staying an additional day at ...

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8-Year-Old Ariani Nisma Putri Sings Listen by Beyonce ...

"Little girl, Ariana Nisma Putri was born blind. But Through her voice she sees the world in different way. Ariani Nisma Putri yang lahir prematur 6 bulan ...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v48PY7yqe8 - Fri, 25 Apr 2014 23:56:00 GMT

Friendster Blog | Friendster Releases and Notes

It’s that time of the week again folks! Behold our featured player of the week, Achnologia from Drakensang FX! Real Name: John Gerard P. Medina

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